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Monday, March 01, 2010

Slow training


Many elite orienteers are of the opinion that it is only worthwhile training orienteering technique at intensities close to race pace....I am starting to believe in the "innkjøring" of technique at easier speeds.

That's Helen Palmer on Zen and the art of orienteering. It is worth a read.

I've had different ideas over the years about the best effort for technique training. My current thinking - and reserving my right to learn in the future - is that you can get useful training from just about any level of effort (from walking to faster-than-race-pace). It takes some thought to make the most of any technique training. How you approach the session matters more than what you do. Think about deliberate practice.

You can make use of deliberate practice at a walk. You can make use of deliberate practice at a flat out sprint pace. An advantage of training at below, even well below, race pace is that you can do more of it. You can do a lot of easy pace deliberate practice.

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posted by Michael | 7:36 PM


Totally agree. I find it helps even more to actually write the aim down beforehand, sometimes I also write 1 or 2 keywords on my hand.

The limitations of living somewhere with a long period with lots of snow have made me more focused on making the most of any opportunities. I can practise thumbing & folding the map on street maps, taking compass bearings along snow-cleared streets. Not much you can do here before April but can try to get the absolute basics really automatic.
I came to appreciate slow training when I destroyed my knee and had to walk while the bones healed. I realized that you could still do all the right things and get something out of it.

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