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Saturday, March 29, 2008

More lidar map data


I spent some time this morning looking at Lidar data available for the area and discovered something called "intensity." I don't really know what that means, but I discovered that the Lidar intensity data looks a lot like an aerial photograph.

Here is the intensity data for a part of Lawrence and the University of Kansas campus:

Here is the sprint orienteering map of the campus:

You can easily pick out a lot of detail from the instensity data.

It certainly looks - to me - like Lidar data is going to be quite useful for basemaps...as soon as it becomes more widely available.

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posted by Michael | 5:35 PM


Intensity is indeed like a photo - a perfectly rectified infrared photo. The elevation information is based on the time it takes a laser pulse to leave the transmitter, hit something and return. The intensity image is the strength (brightness) of the returned light pulse. Things that absorb the IR wavelength of the laser will be dark, like water and most vegetation. Anything highly reflective in the IR will be bright - metal building roofs, most vehicles. It just depends on the properties of the material.
Always check each government level (fed, state, county, etc) for LiDAR data for your area of interest ... barring that, the two most useful sites are probably the following.

Eventually, most (free) LiDAR data in the US winds up available through the USGS LiDAR Server http://gisdata.usgs.net/website/lidar/viewer.php

Coastal areas may have LiDAR at the
http://maps.csc.noaa.gov/TCM/#availabledata LDART site.

As USOF Mapping Coordinator, I'm also happy to help USOF clubs learn how to find (and use) such data. Glad to see you're having fun with your area's LiDAR data!
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