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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The Price of an Orienteer


Imagine you're from a small orienteering club in Sweden and you've developed a good, young orienteer. Then that young orienteer goes to one of the big elite clubs. The big club gets help in the important relays, and you get nothing.

One of the small clubs in Sweden is proposing that the big club would have to pay the small club. The idea is that for an orienteer up to the age of 23 who moves to an elite club, the elite club will pay compensation to the club where the runner was developed for each year between the age of 15-21:

Here is the "price list":

5,000 Swedish Crowns to the club the orienteer belonged to when they were 15-16; 5,000 for age 16-17; 10,000 for ages 17-18; 10,000 for age 18-19; 15,000 for ages 19-20; and 15,000 for ages 20-21.

I think it works like this...If a runner trained with a club from the age of 15-21 and then moved to another club, then the new club would have to pay the original club a total of 60,000 Swedish Crowns. The payment compensates the first club for its investment.

Without having given it much thought, it strikes me as a strange idea, but an interesting idea for discussion. It reminds me of the sort of idea that we'd talk about in intro economics course - trying to figure out who would ultimately pay and what the unintended consequences might be.

If I had to bet, I'd place my money on the proposal not being put into effect.

Here is more about the idea from the Uppsala newspaper (in Swedish) and here is an argument against the idea from one of the runners who seems to be at the center of the idea (also in Swedish).

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