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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Today's training at Knob Noster


I spent some time today working on simplifying and seeing the structure of the terrain. When my orienteering is rusty - as it is now - I often make legs more difficult then they are because I don't see the overall structure of the terrain.

Today I was working on that. For some of the legs I spent a few seconds standing still and forcing myself to see the overall structure before I began running. Here is an example:

The control sits in a reentrant and there is a lot of contour detail you could read as you approach the control.

But if you see the bigger picture, the control is a lot easier.

The red lines on the map below are the rough contour shapes that outline the overall structure of the terrain around the control. By focusing on that structure, I was able to find the control without any trouble (my route is the blue line).

I hope that a bit of practice at seeing the terrain structure and simplifying controls will help sharpen my orienteering.

Mystery of the exploding shower door

I was sleeping soundly last night when I was awoken by a noise. It was loud and seemed to be quite near. I got out of bed and looked around. I didn't see anything, but I heard a crackling sound. It was coming from the bathroom.

I opened the door and saw small bits of glass all over the place. The glass was crackling. I have no idea how it happened, but one of the shower doors seems to have spontaneously exploded. Very strange and a bit scary.

A google search finds someone who had a similar experience (the photo looks a lot like the results of our shattered shower door).

Back to okansas.blogspot.com.

posted by Michael | 7:12 PM


I happen to have some experience with this myself. I once worked at a millwork making custom doors and windows while I looked for work in my trade. One time I shattered a pane of tempered glass by knicking the edge of the glass with a small brad. The pane exploded and performed an impressive and well designed exit manuever from the window; just as it was designed to do. The small fragments left little to cut oneself on and left me red faced holding a brad gun.

Your glass must have settled in it's shower frame, knicking the edge and done it's own little exit manuever. Bummer.
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