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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Orienteering Fashion - Project Finish Chute


Mary is hooked on a reality TV show called Project Runway. The premise is pretty simple - each episode the contestants design some clothing which is then judged. The worst design is kicked off the show.

I am not hooked on Project Runway. But, I have to admit to sitting in the room while the show is on and paying more attention that I should...and it inspired me to start Project Finish Chute (an critique of national team O' clothes). First up is Sweden versus Canada.

The Swedish suit looks more like a wet suit than running gear. The short sleeves add to the wet suit look, as does the color. The designed has managed something nearly impossible -- to take attractive, athletic people and make them look like they've been squeezed into neoprene.

Canada, on the other hand, has a great look. The maple leaf instantly tells you the suit belongs to Canada (take a look at the Swedish suit, could you guess which country it is from if you didn't already know?). You could quibble with one aspect of the design -- that a bib number covers too much of the maple leaf.

Canada is a clear winner in the fashion fight against Sweden.

Almost forgot, I should credit worldofo.com for the photos.

posted by Michael | 8:16 PM


I don't care for the gray color of the Canada suits. I liked their last year's suits better.
What countries are up next? Norway vs. Denmark? Or France?
Great idea Michael! You should show us the schedule so we now what "match" we are looking forward to. I so agree on the "wet look", hopefully if feels better than it looks.

Mabe you could make a poll where people can guess who the winner will be in the end. And maybe (many maybes) you could ask the winning country for a free shirt that some lucky redader (poll participant) can win. OK, I´m done now :-)
The Australian consensus at JWOC was that Canada was second in the fashion stakes. Lithuania was hard to beat.
Interestingly the Aussies, Canucks, Americans and Kiwis (all non Euro countries) didn't use the Euro clothing manufacturers this year. They went with domestic/local companies. The Aussie WOC blog has a funny O-fashion discussion.


I predict NZ will win the Finish Chute fashion competition
Hmmm... I like the Swedish suits, too. They are super hero style, no? I mean you would look stupid if you weren't in shape, but the Swedish team doesn't have that problem.

I like them.

I also like Canada alot. This seems like a tough matchup.

Lithuania, though? They look rather garish.

NZ has some nice suits, too.

Clem McGrath
I've been waiting for someone to start this project, thank you Spike for taking it on.
I'd put the Aussies down for most disappointing suits, very blah.
I'm not a big fan of the look of the Canadian suits, but I'm very glad they supported a Canadian company getting into the game.
There's not enough hot pink.
Aussies most uninspring suits.. I'd have to say we agreed. And they almost didn't arrive at JWOC. But what a year for us to pick to be bland, with golds to Hanny at WOC and JWOC. They aren't even running tops. If you look on the back you will see the tell tale pockets of bike gear. But apparently they were comfortable to run in.
Yeah the Aussies were let down by the supplier, they are basically cycling tops. They were meant to be Green and Gold, have the pockets unpicked and the elastic waist unpicked. none of this happened unfortunately. NZ's are quite cool
But of course Finish Chute fashion competition is won by the Finnish Team!

Thanks for doing this Michael. Cool idea.
Looking good is important but probably more important is the fit and how it feels. In this regard the Swedish 'wetsuit' might win out
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