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Saturday, August 26, 2006

More O' Fashion - Project Finish Chute


I spent an hour or so and put together a web page where different WOC 2006 orienteering fashions compete head-to-head. Check it out at:


The way the page works, you get a paired set of orienteering suits and get the questions "which is better?" In this case, "better" refers to the design of the O' suits. Look at the two options, click on your favorite and the results of the head-to-head battle are registered. Once you've decided one battle, you get another paired set of photos.

Try it out.

The photos are from the runner profiles as worldofo.com. I wasn't able to find photos of for North Korea or Serbia and Montenegro, but all other WOC nations should be represented.

posted by Michael | 1:30 PM


A photo of North Korean runner is here.
Please spell ISRAEL correctly.
And there's a much better picture here:

This is genius Spike. Looking through the winners and losers list and comparing them really helps to visualize what makes a uniform design visually appealing. Thanks for setting this up. Hopefully it will help us with our next US Team design.
Spike on the cutting edge again with fashions and the O' blog!
Dan, I'll see if I can figure out how to correct the spelling. If I can replace the photo I will, but I'm not sure if I can do that. I'm a bit surprised the Israel suit hasn't scored better because I think it looks pretty good.
One of my favorite suits is the new hot pink O-Kansas suits. I think that I saw Patrick wearing it. :)
SLOVENIAN official O-suit is here:
That at WOC 2006 O'Fashion is club suit of OK Ursus wearing by Slovenian.

True story from US Champs: I was waiting in line to pick up my packet on Friday afternoon, and I was wearing a green shirt.

"Hey, you're the guy with the pink shirt, right?"


"Did you bring it?"

"Of course."

"Good, I really like it."
I think the task is fun but rather unfair... because depending too much on the photo proposed and on who's wearing the suit. I think by example that if you would have shown the France suit on Thierry Gueorgiou rather than on Juliette Soulard... people would have thought different about it.
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