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Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Report from Wisconsin


Instead of following Tio-Mila's online coverage, Mary and I went to the A-meet at Devil's Lake in Wisconsin. A few quick notes:


Check out Randy's write up and his maps and routes.

Great terrain

I knew the terrain was unusual for the midwest, but I wasn't sure what to expect. It turned out the terrain was very similar to the French Creek areas in Pennsylvania and even somewhat like Hudson Valley Terrain...in the midwest!

The terrain at Devil's Lake is very special -- it'd be a great sport for a championship event.

I talked with Kevin T. (the meet director) and told him I was sorry more people weren't at the meet. He said he was satisfied with the turnout (I'm guessing there were maybe 125 people), because the club is so small they weren't sure they could handle many more people. Maybe he's right. But, it sure would be nice if more people could run in this area.

Course setting

The course setters made good use of the terrain. I especially enjoyed the second day's course, where we ran through all of the different types of terrain on the map. Check out Randy's map and routes for day 2.

The course setter for day 2 is Michael Eglin, an okansas reader!

Some progress

I've been struggling all spring to put together a good race. I'm far from satisfied with my races in Wisconsin, but I saw some progress. I orienteered much better on the second day than I've orienteered earlier this year (still have a lot of opportunities to improve). I was concentrating better, staying up with the navigation and generally running a reasonable pace.

I did a couple of things to try to get my orienteering to work better at Wisconsin:

1. I did plenty of map study the week before the race.

2. When I got a look at an existing map of part of the park (basically the west half of the map we used), I wrote some notes about what to expect and thought about what techniques I'd use.

3. I went out a bit slow on the second day. When the footing was rocky, I tried to run smoothly rather than fighting through the rocks. I probably lost some time on the long leg because I wasn't pushing especially hard, but I might have made up for it by being a bit less worn out on the last few kilometers of the course.

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