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Wednesday, October 29, 2003

A few notes on the WCOC A-meet


I haven't had time to carefully go over my performance or scan my maps, but I'll throw out a few thoughts.

First, you can take a look at the M35 course on Peter's web page (with Peter Gagarin's routes).

The terrain was more "pleasant" than I expected. The map has a lot of light green, but the vegetation is very nice. The light green didn't really slow you down. I'd expected the footing to be rocky. In places it was rocky, but overall it was quite nice. Parts of the Hudson Valley have a lot of low underbrush (blueberry bushes, for example), but this area had almost none of that.

The course setters made an effort to keep the climb down.

I can probably gain a couple of minutes per hour in terrain like this by working on my downhill running. A few years ago I put a lot of emphasis on running better downhill. I got better. But since my leg injury, I've lost all of the improvement.

I spent some time on Saturday night looking at the map and thinking about what sort of legs I'd face on Sunday. When I came to the 8th control on Sunday, I looked at the long leg to 9 and recognized it. Saturday night I'd thought about how I would run this leg. When I arrived at 8, another runner on the same course was standing there, looking at the leg and picking his route. He probably stood still for 20-30 seconds. I didn't stand still at all. I'd already decided my route for this leg. (Take a look at 8-9 with Peter's routes here). I took a route very similar to Peter's.

I feel like the map study I did on Saturday evening saved me a little bit of time. On the other hand, Randy Hall had a very different experience with studying the map before the race. Check out Randy's entry for October 27.

I ran with an Active Ankle on Sunday after turning my left foot on Saturday. I don't usually tape my ankles or use the Active Ankle, but my foot felt weak on Sunday so I thought it was a reasonable precaution.

The map was offset print!

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