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Thursday, May 01, 2003

Some news from the sprint


The gold medalists in today's Nordic Open Champs sprint spent only 12 minutes 31 seconds and 11 minutes 30 seconds on the course.

It hardly seems like orienteering if it only takes 12 minutes. But, I guess the sprint champs events are here to stay.

You can check out the W21 course here.

Here are a few quotes about the sprint:

Emil Wingstedt won M21. "I took it easy from the start to make sure I didn't build up lactic acid on the first hill, and then I didn't think it was so tough....The controls could have been a little tougher."

Karolina Arewång took 2nd in F21. "I'm very satisfied with this. I didn't make any mistakes and I tried to push hard the whole way. Maybe I held back a bit on the first hill, but otherwise I was going at my max the whole way."

Bjornar Valstad didn't run the race. Like many of the top runners, especially the Norwegians, he decided to skip the race and focus on the other three events that take place over the next three days. Even though Valstad didn't compete, he commented on the race.*

What is the essence of a race like this? What decides the outcome? The usual advice is to go hard from the start! In an orienteering courses with such a low degree of difficulty, it is important to have the right idea in mind. Going hard from the start should be followed by this: fast, but "the right" speed, maximal concentration and error-free thinking ahead orienteering. "The right" speed -- I think it is very important to understand that 12 minutes of running is a long distance run and should be done without lactic acid. It is like a cross country or track race. I think orienteers have a lot to learn about the sprint distance. We probably have a tendency to rush at the start, then slow down because of the lactic acid. We think we are going fast. But, instead our running speed is low, pain is high and then our concentration goes. The result is a place in the pack. I think managing your energy is as important in a sprint race as in a classic race.

The first part of this weekend's U.S. middle (aka short) champs is just 1.7 km. It could be quite like a sprint O' race. The comments of these top runners gives me something to think about as I plan my race.

The NOC continues tomorrow with the classic race. My picks? Valstad and Arewång. If it is an O' race and Valstad is on the starting line, he's always a good pick. Arewång has had a strong spring season. She's from the general area where the NOC is being held, so she'll feel at home. Plus, she's already won a medal. She'll be relaxed.

* Be warned, my Norwegian isn't perfect and there were a few words I didn't get in Valstad's comments. I think I got the gist of what he wrote, but I might have missed a bit.

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