Who are you?


My name is Michael Eglinski.I live in Kansas City, Missouri, and work as a performance auditor for the city government.Iím 39 (born in 1964).I spend a lot of my time orienteering and thinking about orienteering.


You can reach me by email at meglin@juno.com


Whatís the deal with this page?


I try to write something about orienteering every day.It is a hobby.I find it fun to think about orienteering and to come up with something to write every day.


Are you a good orienteer?


Iím not too terrible.


Iíve won a couple of US Championships in M21.Iíve been on the US Team at the world champs four times (1987, 1989, 1993 and 2001).But, the level of orienteering in the U.S. isnít very high.Iíve come close to qualifying for a final at a world champs (missed by six seconds in 1987), but Iíve never made it.


My best performances were in 1991.I ran on a relay team that finished in the top 50 at Jukola and a relay team that was in the top five or six at the Stockholm district champs.


What is your orienteering background?


I started orienteering in 1980.I lived in Lawrence, Kansas, at the time.My dad tried orienteering and told me about it.I tried it.I liked it.


In 1988, I moved to Sweden for six months.I lived in Linkoping and ran for a club in Ljungsbro.Then in 1989, I moved back to Sweden.I did some mapping in Lund and Linkoping, then studied at the University of Stockholm.When I lived in Stockholm I ran for IFK Lidingo.I moved home in 1992.


Living in Sweden had a huge influence on how I train, orienteer and think about orienteering.


Since 1992 Iíve lived in Kansas City and worked as a performance auditor.